Terrain Textures...missing?

I am trying to have a variation in the textures of my terrain. But certain textures don’t seem to want to work. For example, I’ll open up the Terrain Texture Layers window, add a new layer, and set the material as Forest_path_stones. For a while I couldn’t get this one to work, but I changed the Shader under Material Settings from “Illum” to “Terrain.layer” (idk if others are experiencing problems with that just adding some info in there). And that got it to work. However, my problem is when I want to add a rock texture to certain areas. I would choose the material (for example) “mountain_b” which can be found under the path “objects>natural>rocks>forest_rocks.” When I try to apply this as a texture, I get the bright red “replace me” wording. How can I apply this texture to my terrain?


Sorry to hear that you experience difficulty of terrain textures.

Change Shader to “Terrain.Layer” is a good start. However, there are few addition check points that you would need to ensure that Terrain textures work for you.

  • Restart Editor, quite / or force stop asset processor.
  • Make sure all textures are store under your project folder for example: /dev/Your_project/objects/terrains/textures
  • Did you try to replace single terrain texture through out the terrain? If you want to paint terrain with terrain textures, please use Terrain > Layer Painter tools in RollupBar.
    More detail please refer to Create terrain tutorial