terrain texturing problem

For starters I get this and I’ve never seen this error before, albeit I tried to create a huge terrain :

[ 1] [ Game] Level Pack File E:/GameDev/lumberyard_engine/ Not Found

Trying to stick with basics though I’ve never had such issues before with unrealengine at all, so I’m just painting a grass_1 texture found in materials/gettingstartedmaterials, as found in material editor and as seen here:

I had texture assigned of course, and tried to paint with it ( after choosing green color for grass in layer editor) and all I got was ‘green’ applied to terrain, but no textures as seen here:

A bug ?


Willl do thx for letting me know.

New engine no doubt tons of work but it has a lot of promise as it heads out of beta eventually.

I know my rig is far from optimal but it can handle ue4 pretty well , even though ue4 is ‘kinda’ beta too .

Engines are hard.

EDIT: since there is really no way to ‘add’ to discussion without it seeming like a ‘answer’ I must edit reply ( till forum software is updated) :

Everything was fine, the I stared painting a texture which was working as expected, then fps went to zero literally.

I noticed asset processor was taking 57% cpu but I have no idea why nor was anything displayed in AP indicating what was going on, other than something ‘blinking’ , one line, too fast to see.

Bug ?

I have no idea what it was, maybe a instability in memory due to size of terrain , but its working now as expected , precisely like youtube video. I did nothing different at all, just rebooted o_0

Well again I have no idea if the ‘error’ pic indicates a bug or not, but I wanted to update this asap.


That is peculiar for sure. Thanks for letting us know it’s working now. Keep us in the loop if it starts acting weirdly again.
Also, updating the forum experience is my number one priority.

@cajunctionAI @Binky

I am seeing FPS drop and CPU spin up high when working with terrain as well. After about 20 minutes or so of working on terrain, the lag accumulates to the point where it becomes impossible to continue, so I have to exit the editor and restart it again for another short burst of productivity.

I have a decent rig which deals with LY okay unless I’m dealing with terrain. Then it’s like molasses.

Thanks for reporting this as well. I’ve escalated to the team to see if there is a solution or if this is a known issue.