Testing Gamelift in local, can only create 1 game session?

I am testing our application in local, and it seems like i can only create 1 game session using Gamelift local.

so what i did is I run gamelift local

java -jar GameLiftLocal.jar -p 9080

run the custom gamelift server i wrote in C# and Unity
and use CLI to create game session

AWS gamelift create-game-session --endpoint-url http://localhost:9080 --maximum-player-session-count 2 --fleet-id fleet-123d

and first run, it succeed and creates the game session.
when I create another gamesession by issuing the same command above it results to

HTTP-Dispatcher - No available process.

Why is this? can we only create one Game Session in local?

How many instances of your games server do you have running in the background? Since you can only have one game session per server process, my guess is that you only have one server running. If you want more game sessions then you’ll need more running instances of your server.