Texture added but solid color

Hi, I am having troubles adding a texture to a cube, I used blender to export the .fbx file.

I can import the file to Lumberyard without any troubles; I already have my diffuse, normal map and specular file, but when i made the configurations at the material editor i have as a result a solid color (i am trying to put a rainbow texture).

These are my configurations at the material editor:


Surface type:default




Diffuse Color Tint: 255,255,255

Specular color: 136:136:136


Emissive Intensity: 0

Emessive Color: 255,255,255

The advanced section of lightning settings it is as a default.

At texture maps I only added the texture files.

I hope you can help me and thank you.

I imported the .fbx file wrong, it’s necessary to use the uv map while creating the .fbx file

Glad you got that figured out. UV maps are super important for all your blender meshes!