Texture Filtering

I was trying to set the diffuse texture filtering in the material editor to “point” to achieve a specific stylised game look, but this does not seem to do anything. I have set the r_AntialiasingMode to 0 and still no effect.

I have just started working with Lumberyard but have some experience with CryEngine 5.3 and 5.4 and on there the result is exactly the same, nothing happens.

In CryEngine, there is a tool called “resource compiler” in which I could play with Mipmaps and other texture-related settings, but this did not work as well.

Is there any way of changing/removing the texture filtering so they appear pixelated (Point filter)?

Open the Material Editor, then go to Texture Maps < Diffuse/Spec/Normal/etc. < Advanced < Filter. From there you can choose from 9 different filters including point.

Thank you for your response, but unfortunately, I have already done it and it has no effect no matter what type of filtering I select. I cannot find anything in the Lumberyard documentation, but according to the CryEngine 5 manual, this feature is deprecated, so maybe Lumberyard does not support this as well?

That is possible. If your goal is simply to have pixelated textures, then will reducing the resolution of the texture file not work for your style?

The texture I am using is already 64x64 and I have tried 32x32. The problem is that they get very blury due to the filtering

I see. The only other thing I can think of to try would be Toon Shading

I am having this same issue. The filter type for textures doesn’t seem to make any difference. I want crisp edges for pixely textures. If this doesn’t get fixed then bye bye lumberyard. It was nice while it lasted.