"Texture not found..."

I’m trying to make a menu for my game but in the UI editor when I add my images (".TIFF"s exported from photoshop) they show up as a yellow background with blue words saying “Texture Not Found…”. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Spyman68, are the textures you are trying to compile in the folder of your project somewhere? If you project is …/NewProject the textures should be in a sub-folder of …/NewProject. If this is how you have it set up I suggest trying different tiff compression settings.

The asset processor ‘compiles’/converts the tiff to a dds type. You could inspect the output off the asset processor for more information on why it has failed.

Nothing is showing up in the asset processor, not sure why it’s blank.

The textures are in the folder of my project, but what do you mean when you say compile? Am I supposed to run lmbr_waf? Also, I tried converting it a different way and it still doesn’t work.

Hello @Spyman68,

A common reason for textures not compiling is because the Asset Processer (AP) can’t find the textures due too a space in the path name of your Lumberyard install. For example, if you installed Lumberyard at C:\Lumberyard v1.0… The AP would trip over the space in that path.

Another problem with path names are 2 character folder names. For example, C:\ly… Would also trip up the AP.

It is recommended that you have no spaces in your install path and no two letter folder names either. If you have either of these, rename your Lumberyard install folder.

If either of those two are not the problem, make sure the AP is running and also make sure it is running for the proper Lumberyard editor. If you’ve installed Lumberyard in two locations, and ran the editor from the first location, then closed it and ran the editor from the other location, the AP would be trying to compile assets for the first editor that is no longer running.

Please let us know if you’re still having problems after checking these suggestions.


Thanks for the suggestions @Jason but for some reason the AP doesn’t even show anything. I’m thinking that might be the issue but I’m not sure how to fix that.