Tga image for material


I created a new material and choosed a Tga image for the material diffuse, the tag image is displayed if i move the cursor over the slot , but it is not used by the material.

Does i need to do something else like putting the tga image on some folders of the projects ? Can’t the editor import the image on a folder of the project directly ?

I am glad you figured out, yes all assets need to be in the project folder you are working on.


Could you take a screenshot for what is your setup for the material?

Are you only plug texture into diffuse slot ? if so , could you check if specular color is set to black?

if the specular map was not used, and specular color set too bright then you won’t be able to see the diffuse map. Please let me know if this solve your prolbem.

I found the answer.

You must put textue in some folders of your project to be able to use it on your materials.

Otherwise you won’t be able to use it, because the editor has no import functionnality for images.

They need the ability to import images from any location.

Hi there. The main reason to keep them within the project structure is for ease of sharing and team work.

If images are distributed over the hard drive rather than within a defined structure it makes it much harder to set up source control for the project or even to just zip up a project to share with a co-worker.

Now I understand why, thanks for the info.