The docs / the docs team

The documentation has significantly improved lately.
The docs team is really doing a good job.

Maybe go over to the docs, leave a thumbs up on a site you like
and when the feedback box pops up, drop them a line to let them know that this is really appreciated.
Especially the examples/example code go a long way.

I think good documentation includes the whole chain
of: 1) What is it —> 2) WHY you want to use it --> 3) WHEN to use it --> HOW to use it. (Practical example follows)

In a lot of places the last two are still missing though as are practical use-cases. It’s obviously a lot of work so I think some appreciation for the docs team might go a long way. They are working on the docs for several aws applications, so there is a bit of “competition” here.

Let them know that we’re reading it. :slight_smile:


Thank you! (I’m the docs manager for AWS GameTech, and the LY writers are part of my team.) We are a small squad and have a LOT of work to do as we slowly audit and address the existing content – partially based on the feedback YOU provide in the on-page feedback dialog as well as the sentiments you share through the LY surveys and community platforms – but I’m really, really happy you’ve noticed! :smiley: Content architecture and refactoring is thankless work that often feels like shuffling deckchairs (to put a dire-sounding spin on it), especially since it doesn’t always deliver what folks need immediately given all the stale content you might encounter.

We’re focused on really improving what we call the “Day One” and “Week One” experiences initially, which are the docs that reflect what a customer might encounter in their first day with the product, and what they will care about – from a game development perspective, not a feature-specific one – in their first week. This means making sure that people can successfully download, install, and configure LY; and then dive into the rich feature set with focused tutorials that concentrate on game development activities rather than throwing new features or components at you.

We’re also focusing on improving boring but essential things like SEO, page titles, and shifting the scope of pages to be more self-contained so you don’t have to jump around so much to understand and successfully perform critical tasks. Between that work, the documentation for new features, and writing new tutorials and task-type topics, it can often feel like pushing a boulder up a rapidly angling hill since our other engineering partners are churning out great features at an amazing rate.

We also get a lot of help from the excellent developers and TPMs in LY who understand the importance of documentation in delivering a very complex product in a highly technical industry. Despite the large backlog of content work, Lumberyard is very supportive and customer obsessed, so it’s a great place to be – especially since our writers are former devs and content creators from the larger game dev and graphics businesses who love making games and writing about game development. We’re excited to work on LY docs and samples, and always want to do more, more, more because we really like LY and are very excited for its future! :smiley:

As ever, we rely on feedback from you – send me a message if you’re frustrated with the docs or see a major gap in the overall content, or hit me up on the LY Discord server (@AMZN_quasigentrified) and we’ll take your feedback into our Agile planning. Obvs, we work in a priority order, but I guarantee your feedback won’t be ignored, at least!

Again, thank you!