The Documentation needs Work

The documentation is need of some serious work. I’m actually trying to look into the engine’s code, and the first stumbling block that I have ran into, was that unlike the Unreal engine (though much older) it does not actually go too deep into the documentation.

I’m having a hard time trying to navigate through the code of the engine, as it just seems that everything has been organzied out of the ordinary. I also can’t find the solution files…

I redact the statement about being confused by the architecture. I found part of what I needed to know in the documentation about how to create the solution files for the editor in the tutorial.

Hi @moonshineTheleocat, thanks for your feedback! Also, I’m glad to hear you found out how to create the solution file with lmbr_waf. Were you mostly looking for a general overview of how the engine is structured or something else?