The solution is not correctly generated

when I create a new project the solution is generated correctly, but when I add c ++ code and update, or simply update the vs2015 solution the project created in vs disappear.

try to generate the solcion with the following commands.

lmbr_waf configure (Does not generate any solution)

lmbr_waf msvs (generates the complete solution but does not add the project created by me)

lmbr_waf msvs -p game (it generates the solution of only what is necessary for the game but does not agrea the project created by me)

Sorry you are encountering these issues. I’ve created a support ticket to get you some help here.

Hi @NeoG-Games,

Are you looking for the same solution as when it is originally generated, for example ‘MyProject.sln’? Lmbr_waf configure should update your solution, but if you need to tell it to build that name with the switch --visual-studio-solution-name= where is the name you want to use. Put it on the line lmbr_waf configure --visual-studio-solution-name=.

Lmbr_waf configure does not automatically preserve your project name right now, but I’ve posted that as feedback for the team. If you’ve been building using lmbr_waf configure, all of your changes should be in the standard LumberyardSDK_vc140.

Let me know if this helps!