The trigger zone does not work on my character. A simple (but difficult for me) question. Script Canvas

I have such a question. He is simple, I’m sure. But I do not know how to answer it. I have an entity, a sphere with control. And when I enter the trigger zone, the trigger does not define my sphere as a character and therefore does not work. The trigger fires when the camera enters the trigger area. The camera follows the sphere. How can the sphere set the properties of the camera so that the trigger works when the character comes into the coverage area?

Hi didzey,

There’s a related thread about trigger zones at Teleporting player on trigger (PhysX)

It might answer your question. I did a quick search on “trigger zone” on the forums and came across quite a few topics about it so give it a try and you should find a solution to your problem.

Let me know how it goes!

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Hello! I am ashamed, such a question has already been on the forum and it has been resolved! Thank!

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Awesome! That’s great to hear, glad it all worked out!

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