There is no that file!

I am a new beginner of lumberyard, and I started learning from “Getting Started video”. But I found that my file folder doesn’t have the file he use in the video.



In the video, he has ‘C:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev\StarterGame\Textures\HeightMap\FTUE_heightmap_test.tif’, but I don’t have folder ‘HeightMap’ inside ‘Texture’.
Please give me some help!!!

Hi @Wanderer,

Sorry to hear about this issue :frowning:

I had a quick search and found that the file in question exists up until the 1.24 release and for some reason in 1.25 it is no longer there. I don’t know why it was removed but I can try and reach out to the team who’ll know tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience,


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In version 1.25 we have introduced new StarterGame content. You can find the content in dev\Gems\StarterGame. We are also working on updated tutorial content. That particular file is not part of the new content. You can still learn a bit from the video, you will just have to use another map or generate a terrain.

You can use any grayscale tif file as a heightmap or auto generate terrain by selecting Generate Terrain from the tools menu in Terrain Editor. A properties window will open allowing you to set some inputs for the terrain generator. The terrain generator will use those properties and some random seeds to generate a natural looking heightmap that you can refine in the terrain editor and with the terrain tool.

Also note the Infinite Ocean component is not included by default when creating a new level. You can select the DefaultLevelSetup entity in the Entity Outliner and add the Infinite Ocean component to it in the Entity Inspector if you would like to see water, as shown in the video.


Hi @microAMZN
Is it possible , help me about how to make a water ripple effect component ? I see this component in editor but does not work for 1.24.0 , I see ocean component in 1.24.0 and does work without problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :pray: :rose:

Thank you for help! :grinning:

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I tried to look at the Water ripple component yesterday. See my reply in you thread.

OK @microAMZN Thank you :rose: :pray:
Can you explain more and what was the result?
Is this a bug or a lack of water ripple effect gem compilation? :blush:

In GSG 007 ‘Terrain Creation - Import Terrain mega textures’, he use a file BMP to make a green ground, but there is no a BMP in my folder. How can I do?


The GSG has been retired and will be replaced with a new guide. Because the starter game content has been updated, many of the assets referenced in the retired guides not longer exist. You can still work through many of the tutorials, but will have to use alternative assets, possibly provide your own. In this case, you can use any image file, but I have attached the missing asset to this post so you can get an idea what mega terrain textures are supposed to look like.


Please find the updated heightmap file in the video description below the video:

This should help you move forward. Please let me know if it doesn’t.
Find a link to the video here, then click on the download link in the video description or here.

Then drag it into your textures folder for your project and let the asset processor find it. Then you should be good to go.


Where can I see the new guide?

The guide is currently being created, we do not have a release date.

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