This feature is added to lumberyard 1.19?

Hi lumberyard team,

I want delete nodes in script canvas with animation effect, is it possible in lumberyard 1.18 or this feature is added to lumberyard 1.19 ? also script canvas debug editor is not exist in lumberyard 1.18.


I knew that this was the same as lumberyard 1.19 in GDC 2019 (a new major update for Script Canvas ) , I deleted all game engines on my computer , I only use amazon lumberyard :wink: I’m focused on lumberyard , I’m so glad that now I can make my games with script canvas & emotion fx in lumberyard.

I created the lumberyard community in Iran for the first time for 100 million Iranian and a number of neighboring countries, the news here :

Since 2016 , I also started teach lumberyard specially script canvas & emotion fx in schools like this video :


Thank you for all the hard work and efforts of all of you & lumberyard team , thank you :wink:

Ahmad Karami

a computer teacher / a game play programmer / a debugger / a solo developer


Hang tight, these features are coming soon! Thanks for your interest in using them.

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