This game engine is a mess. period. 1.22 tested for 1 week and took a decision

I will not sugar coat it. Lumberyard is a mess.

Instead of making it easier to develop, it makes it harder for no reason. I cannot do the simplest things without crashes or errors or rebuilding of gems that rely on gems that rely on whatever.

As much as I wanted to like it, I can’t. I’m dismissing it because it hurts the production. For the sake of success of our next project I don’t mind paying a 5% royalty to Crytek I am switching to CryEngine 5. sorry amazon but your engine is a mess, and I got no time or a department of 100 IT professionals to solve all its issues.

I want to make fun experiences and I need a stable solution.

Decision taken after 1 week of wrestling with Lumberyard it will not be suitable for our team. I wish you good luck, catch me on Crytek forums.

No one can blame you.

Yes, I don’t think it would be a wise decision to use Lumberyard for a commercial project. If you’re a large company with the engineering resources to take the code and fix it up for your needs, that’s a possibility. And it’s fine for hobbyists to tinker with. But for that large segment of smaller commercial developers that need a stable base they can rely on - no way.

In fairness, it is still marked as beta quality, so we get what we get. As I’ve said before, though, I really wish Amazon would throw some resources behind the project, to show us that they’re serious, and that this is something worth investing time in.


Hey NorthEGames,

Agreed, it does require having to dive a bit deeper to understand the systems. Do you have some examples that just flat out became blockers and caused the most frustration (excluding the build system).

What basic things were you trying to do? Were there different resources you found or couldn’t find for those basic things?

I work with the Lumberyard team, but I do not work on the engine itself, so outside of building gems and different elements, I’m interested to see which straw was the last straw for you as a developer.


Initially I was searching for tutorials but stumbled upon – and decided to check if potentially leading to bugs copypasta/mistypes were fixed.

For example (new users can’t past more than 2 links):
and so on…


And then I chose UE4