Too hard for a beginner modeler to learn how to make objects collidable

The documentation and the tutorial really must be made such that the reader quickly understands how to make an object in the editor a collidable object.

It took me 10 hours to figure out how to make a collidable object, despite having read the help file for exporting an object and make it collidable.

I was never told that the final steps, for ever testing to see if your object is a collidable object, is to add “mesh colllider” and “static physics” to an object AND THEN press ctrl + p to turn on physics.

Most people will probably uninstall Lumberyard at this point I would think because of such an absurdity, in never informing the user about such a basic thing. Without knowing how to make collidable objects, working on buildings to walk inside will be totally pointless if one can’t find a way to actually walk onto the poly model that was exported with a collision object.

Also, stop wasting my time. Thank you.