TotalIllumination latest suggestion.

I lately noticed that I misinterpreted some issues I was having so I wanted to point out what I discovered.

  • Integration mode 1 and 2 wrong static indirect light contribution power it is completely off compared to the direct contribution.It doesn’t take into consideration the actual light decay nor the bulb size(not even in a fake way)for this reason I still suggest an indirect light multiplier(also sun needs one).
  • No way to make light geometry occluders out of entities, just designer and legacy brushes get voxelized and so are considered opaque geometry by total illumination.Please make static meshes of entities with transform set to static compatible with total illumination.
  • Mode 2 specular may leverage temporal antialiasing to get less noisy.
  • Total illumination generates a lot of banding especially in the darker zones so let users specify the amount of dithering applied in post-processing I had to put mine almost 2.5 times stronger to get the banding away.