Trouble installing Mac Support Files

Wondering if anyone has run into any issues with trying to install setup file on Mac. This is my first time attempting to use the Mac Support Files, however I continue to run into Verification issues. As a long-time Mac user I know that you can go to Privacy and Security and click “Allow”, however this just then moves on to the next file, again blocks due to verification issues, and gives no options to continue other than to just cancel. I’ve tried on 2 separate Macs and every QT of every type is blocked. Does anyone know a workaround, or is something new that Catalina is causing?

As a follow up I was finally able to get this installed by disabling Gatekeeper via the terminal. However, I run into the same problems again when I run ‘configure’ or ‘build’ via the terminal. I again get blocked by Gatekeeper saying cannot verify developer so it wont install.

I have spoken to Apple tech support and they said that they have no workaround and it must come from the developer side. Has noone else experienced this issue with their Mac developments?

Next issue that comes up

Hi @pFaso!
Sorry this post will seem a little disjointed, but it’s my understanding you were able to get a bit further by disabling GateKeeper, but then immediately ran into trouble running AssetProcessor?

I had the same issue you brought up with Gareth about running AssetProcessor out of the BinMac64 folder that comes with the LY Mac download. I get an error:
“The system root which contains bootstrap.cfg could not be found”.

My Bootstrap.cfg lives one folder up under dev (as expected).
I’ve created a new bug internally, but as a work around I deleted the AssetProcessor that comes with the LY download and rebuilt my own…

sh configure
sh build_darwin_x64_profile -p asset_processor

You mentioned that ‘configure’ and ‘build’ doesn’t work for you either though… is that still the case or did you work around that part?

I did some more digging, and found few fixes have gone into Lumberyard mainline regarding GateKeeper, but unfortunately they didn’t make it in for 1.22. If everything goes smoothly, these should be included in 1.23.