Tutorial: Communicating between Lua scripts in Lumberyard 1.8.

Due to a lack of any sort of updated documentation for achieving this functionality, I’ve written a short guide (as well as example scripts) on how to send data between Lua scripts in Lumberyard 1.8.

This is a very basic, extremely important feature that is far harder to achieve than necessary, so I urge the devs to make this process easier and actually create a full tutorial on how to set this up.

Please feel free to leave feedback or questions. I’ve only just learned this myself so apologies if there are mistakes, but this should give you a decent idea to get started.

4098-communication-between-lua-scripts-in-amazon-lumber.pdf (498 KB)communication-between-lua-scripts-in-amazon-lumber.pdf

Thanks @AlexKane, this is great! Thank you!!

I’ve made it a sticky for a while so others can see it. I am also going to add it to the Tutorials section.