Tutorial: Failed to read and update the product dependency with ID 16516 for product key 9291 from the database

Hello, I am following the initial tutorial (https://aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/gettingstarted/) for getting started and I am at the creating a new level. When I try to reproduce what the video is doing an error pops up when the new level is created shown in the image below:

Can someone please help me resolve this issue before I move on? When the map is created, the textures aren’t loaded like the video. Obviously something is wrong since an error is occuring.

Thank you so much,


edit1: When reinstalling I got this error: Statement::Step() resulted in error code 11. This could indicate a problem with the asset database in the cache.

edit2: edit1 was resolved reinstalling. Previous errors resolved following this: https://www.reddit.com/r/lumberyard/comments/7qe43z/perforce_errors_when_creating_a_new_level/. Current issue, last error is:

Attempting to save backup to “” before saving, but could not write all files.
[Warning] Cannot open Pak file @assets@\engine.pak
Can’t find cvar ‘sys_spec_Full’ value ‘8’ group ‘’