Tutorial Improvement / Accessibility

I’ve been looking at game engines lately for some indie development time investment and found myself leaning towards either Lumberyard or GoDot.

I inevitably spent more time with GoDot due to its user-friendliness in the way they set up their tutorial series (link here).

Are there plans from the Lumberyard team to extend their tutorial series beyond just general instructions and actually get ‘our hands dirty’ with the program?

Love the potential with Lumberyard but overwhelmed with the lack of ‘step-by-step’ in comparison with GoDot.

Hello @ChillyGuess,

Thank you for your interest in Lumberyard and for your feedback on our tutorials.

To answer your question, yes we have plans on continually creating new tutorials and updating current ones. We are in the process of improving our tutorial output and the quality of our tutorials, so please stay tuned and keep checking back at our tutorials page for any updates.

We’re also working on ways to make it easier to identify and see our latest tutorials so you don’t have to go hunting through an ever growing catalog.

As always, we want to hear everybody’s feedback and learn how we can improve Lumberyard and its tutorials. So please feel free to leave us as much feedback as possible.