Tutorial video help needed

Hello All

I am new in amazon Lumberyard.I am trying to find some good Tutorials which can help me in creating a cinematic video.But the problem is that i can’t find any type of good video tutorials.I have looked at this instructions here https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/latest/userguide/network-multiplayer-gs.html


But it is very much hard for me.So i was requesting if anyone can do a tutorial video showing off on how to create a cinematic video in Amazon Lumberyard.Will be greatful.

Hi! welcome to the forums, and to the lumberyard game Engine!..so the references you are looking at are legacy(atleast for the cinematic docs you posted here, the multiplayer is fine)

what you want are these here for Cinematics:


I created this post HERE stating all the current resources for video tutorials, nothing on multiplayer though, the getting started guide is a good place to start, and if I have the time and no one beats me to it i will try to compile multiplayer into video format, netcode isnt a strong suite so when i feel more comfortable with it, you will see it on the channel…happy developing!

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Hello Cstudios15

Thankyou for your kind reply.please create a video tutorial showing off how to create a cinematic video in Amazon Lumberyard when you have time to do it.I need a tutorial video within 20th March 2019 if possible.

Ill Make sure to add it to the list, make sure to follow the channel so you get notifications on tutorials you are looking for and tuts in general :slight_smile:

Thankyou for your kind reply Cstudios15

When you add it to the list please provide me the link here so that i can easily get to the video tutorial link as i need it before 20th March 2019