Tutorials in Early 2020 Update

Hey there gang,

It’s your friendly neighborhood tutorials designer checking in.
Want to let you know the 1st couple of months of the year was spent planning and strategizing what we’re going to be doing in 2020.

Currently you’ll see we’ve got our new artist Gene walking through how the Cowboy in the new v1.23 PhysxSamples gem was set up. There are about 3 more episodes left. Let us know if they help.

After which I’m planning on releasing a series focusing on UI, HUD, and Script Canvas.
After that I’ll be working through how to integrate sound. In between there, no sure yet, I’d like to talk about triggers and other ways to queue events in-game.

As always want to let you know that we remain flexible to whatever it is you guys request or need help with.

Happy deving!


hey @JKingpin thx for your tutorials )
since build process on c++ very long
we need more tutorials about how to use/integrate your own and std ly’s C++ component with Lua scripting.
especially how to use broadcast request in lua scripts and enumerate results ?)

also I personally will love’d to see the tutorial about how to create textures with blender and gimp for the POM-shader?)

how making NVCloth for characters in blender? yesterday I’ve tried to create test cloth, but without any luck( ClothTest.zip (207.4 KB)

Happy tutorialing!

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GREAT @JKingpin :star_struck: I requested much more topics in 2016 , if you want make video tutorials like me , of course I made a number of this tutorials with make templates & video tutorials , I think , this posts is a good requests for make video tutorials with script canvas , I think it will be good ideas for you, please you see my post :point_down:

Thank you

@JKingpin how about tutorials on best practices for the engine. like how many objects can have a script canvas on them before its too many. engine limitations ect…

Chris Roby would probably be good for this plus he is the best tutorial guy.

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I like it! I’ll reach out to him and see what he thinks.

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