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Hey Lumbernaughts! Long time no see. How are you holding up? What have you all been building in v1.26?

Now that I’m on the outside I still am a big fan of the community and the technology, and I want to see if we can organize among us and keep helping each other build on Lumberyard by sharing our knowledge tools and tricks be it through written post, videos, or anything else.

To that end I started this simple Trello Board to let us all throw different topics we want to see , hear, talk about, and let us share ownership. What do you think?

I invite you to go here and add tutorial topics you want to see made or make yourselves so we can make sure not to double up on the work.

I’m also new to the platform, and would appreciate any help making sure that it is truly public and that everyone has access to edit.


@JKingpin GOOD WORK, If you like , add a list for Iran Video tutorials , I Can do it , You can add a list USA Video tutorials , and what about other people nation/county, what do you think?

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I forgot , I say to you , I Created a Trello in 2016 but nothing was result , of course for bugs & crashes , but I do not know for tutorials, What will be the result :question: :grey_question: :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

Lumberyard Game Engine :blush: :point_down:

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