TwitchChatBasics not working after exported to engine

I’ve opened the TwitchChatBasics level in the samples project and changed the Twitch channel name in the Flow Graph to the name of my own channel. When I hit Ctrl-G to test the level in the editor itself, I can send the commands red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet on my Twitch chat channel, switch back to the editor, and see the colored balls spawn.

However, when I hit Ctrl-E to export the level to the engine, run Bin64\SamplesProjectLauncher to test the standalone game, and then type map twitchchatbasics into the console to open the level, the commands seem to do nothing at all, even though the text indicator reads “Connected”. If I hit 1 to disconnect and then hit 2 again to reconnect, the commands still do not work.

I wanted to ask if there’s something I’m doing wrong here, because it seems strange that ChatPlay is working when I test in-editor but not when I test with the standalone launcher. I know that the level being played through the standalone is the right version as I rotated one of the walls and exported to engine again, and that did change in the standalone.

Hey @Shockk, thanks for pointing this out. Following your steps, there does seem to be an issue with the TwitchChatBasics level once exported. We are investigating this now and will get back to you once we have some more information.

Hey @Shockk so after looking into this we have identified the problem and I’ve made sure to add it to our list of things to fix.

In the mean time, here’s a workaround you can do to get the level working as intended in the SamplesProjectLauncher:


  • Load up TwitchChatBasics in the Editor, open the Flow Graph Editor and make your way to the FlowgraphEntity1 graph (see attached screenshot).
  • In the “Ball Spawning script” box, change the 6 String:SetString nodes so that they contain the string “Level.___ball” instead of “level.___ball” (note the uppercase “L”).
  • If you then save and export the level, it should run correctly in the SamplesProjectLauncher.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!