Two Questions about ui and a game exe file?

I have two questions, the first is when I load my game up on the exe file, the maximize button is grayed out, how do I fix this so I can maximize the application? The second is I have a start menu, and it looks fine until I fullscreen, when fullscreened everything looks a little blurry how do you fix this issue? Thanks for any help.

There is also question 1 about the editor, of course the maximum and minimum options are also gray and inactive, I reported this issue in 1.25 but I also see it in 1.27 … (Alt + Space keys on the keyboard), and you can use Alt+Enter keys on the keyboard, See it works for these keys too in your game ?

about question two, do you mean blurry , are you sure you did not use the post effect in CVars or post effect in script canvas ?

Of course, inserting images of your game will be better to achieve a good result and your answer …

Finally sees that in the image the maximum and minimum options are also inactive … maybe this is also true for the game … I mean it has a solution

Yea I am pretty sure there is no maximize because there is no solution for it just yet. But the blurryness is just something that happens in fullscreen to any image ui assets. It should not be happening due to all assets being in 4k. I am using scale to fit which may end up being the issue.

I have figured out my issue, I was using a low res so it got fixed and everything is working correctly.

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