Hello Everone

First , you allow me , I introduce myself.

my name is Ahmad Karami come from Iran

I’m an independent developer and of course I’m alone.

I am a programmer before. I’m a debugger.

I want talk about Important Things ,
I worked with different game engines , I had different experience.
it is a part of my sample work :

And previously taught in towns private schools in the North West to teach design and programming games that after passing the university to continue…

I understood for years :

First Strategy :

Products with less features but with strong and stable codes and having the lowest bugs, much much better than products that are immense features and has many bugs and without Stable.

In previous years, I have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses about Programming and Tools exist in GameEngines.: Unity3 , Unity 4 , Unity 5 , UE3 , UE4 , CryEngine3 -CryEngine 5 , S2Engine HD, Shiva , Torque3D ,Xenko , etc
I know it is very difficult to develop an engine, such as the development of an operating system.
NOW, how to use it best, when learning is possible for A product ?Imagine I have a “flying saucer” and I have a bike mid-range model.
But I can not use them. Because I no have the video tutorials from aliens to will use “flying saucer” . Of course, our neighbor no have video tutorial for me to learn how to use my bike.

**Second Strategy :**There are two game engines. video tutorial of this two game engines are very very high and exist a lot video tutorials for two game engine.

If Strategy No .01: Tools and the least bugs in the Amazon Lumberyard ,if Strategy No. 02: a lot video tutorial for using the tools in the Amazon Lumberyard

Be seriously will be consider, The first step will be to popular Lumberyard for Creation a lot Great Game with Amazon Lumberyard.

Unity Technology and Epic Games, very very well used of these two strategies.

This is not the whole story.
this story is just beginning.

This is my positive criticism.
It is my experience.

Of course, fast and easy to use tools and code in Lumberyard an amazing strategy ,For these reasons. I’ve chosen Lumberyard. And because I immigrated to Lumberyard Free Game Engine.

With the utmost respect and courtesy

Ahmad Karami(Silent)

I hope ,this two strategies Be considered by managers.