UDK, Mapping problem


I come to write to you for help because the forum of Epic Games is late to answer my question. It is painful that a moderator refuses (perhaps) to publish my message. TheymademethesameshotonZbrushCentral. I come back to the good old francophone forums, it says! ^^

Anyway,here’smyconcern. I am in the process of participating in the creation of a database of Static meshes for the UDK, and I have a major concern of displaying maps on my models. ItstartswiththeMaterialEditor:

Asyou cansee,theresultisHyperrasterized,evenonthepreviewcube.Forthenormalmap,IrêglétheimportparameteronTC_NormalMap,noworries.

WhenIlook atmymapsinPhotoshop,theylookprettygood.Sotheproblemdoesnotseemtocomefromthem.

This isbasicallythetypeofresultIwanttoget.ThisisascreenshottakenintheToolbagMarmosettotestthemapsbeforefinalexportin. Esa

Anyway,here’s^^ifanyonehas any ideawhatmightcausetheproblem,I’mallears. I’vereallytriedeverythingandI’m gettingalittlestuckhere.

Thank you very much!

há hắng

Hi @xsmnme

This is appear to be a question about the Unreal Developers Kit. If you have Gamelift related questions, we will be happy to answer them.