UE4, Multi-location fleets, stutter/lag spike on join/leave for servers that are not in the home region

I have a fleet setup that has multiple locations. Any time a player joins or leaves a server that is not in the home location of the fleet, the whole server gets a lag spike. It’s a competitive game so this really messes up matches. I’m using unreal engine 4. This does not happen on servers that are in the home region. I tried doing network profiling and cpu profiling to find what was causing this, but I couldn’t find anything that stood out. I’m using a plugin that allowsme to use gamelift with blueprints. I have talked with someone who has the same plugin, and does not have any issues with lag spikes on multi-location fleets. I cannot tell if the issue is on my end or not. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Update: I am still having the problem. Lag spikes are still happening on non-home region instances, but not on the home region. I found that the issue is related to setting a lot of variables for the players appearance. I don’t get the stutter if I remove this code, but obviously I would like to have the code still. I tried spacing out the time for updating all the variables so it’s not doing it all at once, but it didn’t fix anything. It’s so odd that it’s only happening on non home region instances. As a temporary workaround I’m going to setup 1 fleet in each region I’m using so the stutter doesn’t happen. I would still like to figure out a fix for this though. Having to upload to each region is a much bigger hassle than the multi-location fleets

I’ve also been seeing this issue and it’s severely impacting our live game. This started happening a few weeks ago from what I can tell.

Seems like the gamelift process is hitching for dozens of seconds or minutes any time we try to submit a backfill request.

@Brylos are you using backfilling? If so, manual or automatic?

I am not using backfill. my game is mostly played with a custom lobby browser. There is a menu to create a lobby, and a menu to see the created lobbies. No backfill for it.