UI Animation via Animation Sequence?

Trying to wrap my mind around how to set up an animation sequence for UI where when my game starts my hud comes in from the top and bottom.

I am able to create an animation sequence but I have no clue how to add in the transformation component of a ui element into the sequence so that i can control it’s position.

Any help would be appreciated.

first linked gave me the info that i needed. thank you.

Ah, I’m getting close to a WIP/POC release. It wont have the 3D aspect that I will include but it will have the gameplay aspect all fleshed out.

Hi @alatnet, have you looked at the UI system documentation here: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/latest/userguide/ui-editor-using.html?

There is also a whole series of tutorials on the UI system that you might find useful:https://gamedev.amazon.com/forums/tutorials#UI-Creation

Let me know if these resources help, and if not, how might they be more helpful.

Excellent! Glad it’s working out. Let us know if we can offer any additional help, and if you want to share your project in the Work in Progress forum, we’d love to see it!