Ui Canvas on Mesh Render Distance


I’m currently playing around with UI elements in world space using the UI Canvas on Mesh component. I’ve had no issues getting it up and running and it works well when the objects are close to the camera, however, as objects move further from the camera they quickly fade into a grey rectangle or completely transparent.

Is there any way to increase the distance at which the canvas clearly renders?



Hi @Humungo,

The UI system itself should not cause this behavior. I do not see this behavior in the UiIn3dWorld example level.

I believe it is related to the 3D world render settings such as fog. Can you modify the material/shader that is using the canvas texture to avoid this problem?


Thanks @RobP,

After further investigation within the example I found out the issue was I was missing the required ‘$’ before the UI render texture name. After adding that everywhere necessary it worked completely fine.