UI2.0 Bug Lumberyard 1.25 (Big Bad Bug)

Hi Lumberyard Team :slightly_smiling_face:

I found a big bad bug in script canvas editor & UI 2.0 for Lumberyard 1.25
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Please see this video (Unlisted) :point_down:

I am lover bugs for finding :blush:

Internet is expensive in Iran, so I could not download 1.26 :frowning_face: :confused:

Please fix it
Thank you
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@Finite_State Please see this video , You will be sure this is a big bad bug

This has happened to me when I rename an open Script Canvas graph or function in Windows File Explorer. It crashes the editor. I think it might be because the Asset Processor has control of the file and it is not expecting changes to the file from the OS.

Sometimes I’ll also have an issue if I have a Script Canvas function open and a graph that uses the function open too. If I save the function, the editor might crash. Something else to watch out for.

Hi @ScaredZebra @tom-hh
Please see this Big Bad Bug video :slightly_smiling_face: and Please read Description Finite_State
Thank you :rose: :pray:

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Hey @_AhmadKarami,

Thanks for reporting this issue, I’ve pinged the Script Canvas team to check it out.

The video is very helpful but do you think you could also create a bullet point set of steps that a developer could follow to reproduce the bug and outline exactly what the symptoms are. It’ll make reproducing and fixing it much easier.



You’re welcome, But Everything is clear step by step in the video, right?
I save as my graph in Windows Desktop, then The editor collapses :slightly_smiling_face:

You did not reproduce the bug and disintegration in the editor with this video?

Thank you Dear @tom-hh
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It is helpful for sure but there’s no commentary which makes it more difficult to figure out each step. Having a list of steps makes it easier to follow/reproduce than having to skip back and forward in the video, just for future reference :slight_smile:

Having both is usually best, our internal bug reports are in that form and it just makes our lives a little easier. We still really appreciate you taking the time to record the video and report it!

The SC team is aware and will be looking into this,



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@tom-hh Got it , Thank you dear tom for your answer & God Bless America :rose: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very interesting bug indeed. I also notice that there appeared to be some small boxed shaped outline in the corner where you were pressing. Did you notice if you were getting some kind of pop up window that was preventing the window from closing?
Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 1.37.24 PM

But I wonder why the maximize button and minimize button work but close button does not work?!
If you have seen the full video of the big bad bug, I have shown it.

I tested again , I Found :heart_eyes: small boxed shaped outline :wink:

I record a video , then publish here …

Thanks @_AhmadKarami. It appears the video was not attached. However that’s ok. Sounds like the box shape outline is not the root cause. So to circle back to @tom-hh suggestion about coming up with some good repo steps. I’m going to list out the steps I noticed. Please feel free to edit and let me know if these are the correct repo steps you did. Also one small side note. After your last save I noticed you went from “0 Errors” to “1 Errors” in your Graph Validation window. Can you also let us know what that error said.

  • User opens LY

  • User selects View > Layout > reset > default layout

  • User selects a saved slice that has a saved ScriptCanvas attached via the inspector (component card)

  • User clicks the open button from the ScriptCanvas window.

    • Please note script canvas window main header is a bit off screen at this point.
  • User drags right edge which cause the window frame to snap into view.

  • User does “Save as”. User renames the ScriptCanvas script as a new file name. (OptimizeTags0000000001)

    • Please note the notification “Failed to save OptimizedTags”
  • User does a “Save as” again, but this time the directory location is changed to the desktop and saved as (OptimizeTags00001)

    • At this point the ScriptCanvas file appears to be broken (Script is grayed out)
  • ScriptCanvas window close button appears to be non responsive.

  • Main Editor window close button appears to be non responsive.

  • Flashes of a box in the top right corner appear to be covering button when user clicks on close button.


@ScaredZebra It was too late in Iran and everyone was asleep, sorry for the delay, I apologize, I will upload the video soon until another hour … :blush:

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Boxed shaped outline is Script Canvas Editor , Please see this new video bug (Unlisted) :point_down: :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes , of course , But I have questions if it is possible , let me know According to the steps I showed you in the video, did you reproduce this bug? Were you able to reproduce this bug in 1.25 and 1.26 ?

You know , I use 1.25 , These bug occur at 1.25 :white_check_mark:

No problem at all. Thanks for giving us all these details :slight_smile:

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So my working branch is a future release branch and I’m unfortunately unable to test this feature at the moment. However, I have reported this issue to our development team and they are already taking a look at the issue.

One note I see is that the directory of desktop might be related. Can you save your SC file into the project folder and see if this issue goes away? thanks Joshua

You’re Welcome Dear Joshua :pray: :rose:

Yes, exactly, the desktop folder causes this Big Bad Bug (problem) , Yes, I can save Script canvas files into the project folder\Script Canvas folder , Does Work!

OK, hopefully in the next version 1.27 we will see a lot of features and bug fixes :white_check_mark: :slightly_smiling_face:

In this new video, I showed how to get the answer and how to close the editor, and of course, what window causes the editor not to close, be sure to see the complete to the last second :white_check_mark: :point_down: :wink:

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Thanks for the clarification on the issue. There are some technical restrictions around reading and writing files outside your active project folder. Can you keep these files inside your project folder? Reason being is that every asset in the game needs to go through Asset Processor. So it needs to live where Asset Processor can get at it. Otherwise, AP won’t build it, and we won’t be able to load it.

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