Unable to launch the custom project

Hello, I’ve tried to use this amazing piece of software but when I try to make my own project, the editor is unable to launch. Template projects are working fine but everything else shows:


Log: http://codepaste.net/45w59p

Log shows that I’m using Win8 while I’m on Win10. If that matters.

Help me, please :c I don’t want to go back to coding everything by hand.

Hi @Teslov!

@Datouwan is correct, whenever you create a new game project you must compile it first.

Assuming you just downloaded Lumberyard, here are the steps to create and run a new project:

  1. Complete the Setting up your Development Environment tutorial. This is essential because you will need Visual Studio 2013 and a few SDKs to compile a new project. The Lumberyard Launcher makes this easy!
  2. Create your new project by following the Creating a new Game Project tutorial. Sounds like you’ve already done this so you can skip this step.
  3. Compile your new project by following the Compiling the Engine, Editor and Game tutorial.
    This tutorial goes over two methods of compiling your new project: via command line or Visual Studio editor. You only need to do one and I recommend that you just use the command line option because you can copy and paste the build command into the command window.
  4. After the compile finishes, run the editor. Profit. gg.
    Also, I’d like to point out that you only need to set up your development environment once. To create more game projects you just repeat steps 2 and 3.

Hi @sunnlok

Did you have all required software installed from Lumberyard Launcher? if so please follow the programming section of tutorial and let me know if there is any part that you have questions.

Yeah this doesnt help. It just wont load the project. Building it myself wont work either because its refusing to find visual studio.

Thank you kindly. I didn’t see the compiling part because it’s before creating new project. My bad.

It looks like you didn’t build or miss game dll file from the new project that you just created. Please following the tutorial to build new project. Basically you need something like “yourProject.dll, pdb” in dev\bin64 folder to show you have new project built. Check dev\editor.log for more detail.

Here is the Tutorial , please check “programming” section for more information.