Unable to stop fleet in Activating Status (it's been over 4hrs)

Hi guys,

I created a fleet, and it’s been stuck in “activating” status since 11am CT. From the events log:

2017-11-01 15:08:36 UTC-0500
Server process started correctly but did not call InitSDK() within 5 minutes, launchPath(C:\game\Bin64vc140.Release.Dedicated\MyGameLauncher_Server.exe), arguments(null)

(this is repeated every 5 mins, as you can imagine)

Fleet ID is: fleet-ccfa259a-0ac2-49a6-ab4e-25e569b6b1c5 … would be great if someone can help me kill it :confused:

(also, would real nice if we could just force-kill a fleet, understanding the consequences to our service and all that good stuff…)

Heh, after about 6 (SIX!) hours it finally went into error state and I was able to terminate it. lol…