Unexpected FleetCapacityExceededException

Hi, I’m having an issue with creating multiple game sessions on a given fleet. I’ve set a concurrent process limit of 20.

The error I receive:
An error occurred (FleetCapacityExceededException) when calling the CreateGameSession operation: Unable to reserve a process on fleet

I’ve also tried launching the GameLift Sample Fleet test and am receiving the same error when using Create Game Session. Unless I’m misunderstanding something, shouldn’t I be able to call CreateGameSession more than once on a fleet before capacity is exceeded? In both my game and GameLift Sample Fleet, describe-game-sessions shows the Active sessions, but they do not appear to be registered on the Fleet Status sheet (the table with Status, Fleet ID, OS, …, Game sessions, etc) under Game sessions.

Think I figured it out. There was 2 things.

  1. I had to manually scale down to 0 instances and back up to 1
  2. 20 was too high and was erroring out. Reducing it fixed it