Unintended end of game session


  1. Create a game session. max players = 20

  2. 10 players connect to the game session at 5 second intervals.

  3. Repeat the game session connection and disconnection every 10 seconds per player.

  4. Game session ends abruptly 2 to 3 minutes after game session starts. ( game server is alive )

  5. Fleet event occurs after 3 minutes. SERVER_PROCESS_TERMINATED_UNHEALTHY

In the game server, TerminateGameSession api was not called in step 3.

TerminateGameSession api was called in step 5.

The game session is ending at an unintended timing.

I think I found a hint.

If players do not repeat the connection and disconnect, the game session does not end.

I think there is a problem when AcceptPlayerSession api and RemovePlayerSession api are called frequently.

I need help.

Attached is the Fleet’s address where the problem has been reproduced.


Thank you.

Hey there -

If GameLift does not hear back from your process that it’s healthy every so often, it will assume the process crashed. Things you can try to debug:

  1. check that you are implementing the process health check in the GameLift Server SDK
  2. if you are running more than 1 concurrent process per instance, dial it back down to 1 concurrent process and see if that helps with stability
  3. run a different / larger instance type and see if that helps with stability
  4. inspect your game session / game crash logs to see if you can get a callstack that might indicate where your game server is crashing
    Give this a try and let us know how it goes!

Hi @gba1224 Did that help? If not, please email ly-community@amazon.com for further assistance.

I sent a mail to that address. Thank you.