Unity Build -- failing during upload-build (Batch file Help Needed)

After using the integrated Build tool in the Unity editor to make a Server Build (placed in a different directory), I am trying to upload that build to GameLift to create a fleet from it. I have been using this guide as a reference.


I think the reason that the build fails to hit the “READY” state after initialization is that I don’t have an “install.bat” file in the root directory. My understanding is that the install.bat file should instruct AWS to install the correct dependencies, but I don’t know what should be in the file to make this actually happen. Help would be very appreciated.

Build Environment

Unity 2019.3.15f1
Visual Studio 2019
Windows 10

Just to be clear, your problem is that after uploading a build you never get a READY state?

Can you provide the command(s) you are using, CDK fragment etc?

Uploading a build doesn’t check the install.bat etc, the bat file is only run during the create-fleet fleet activation step so it should be immaterial here.

You will though probably need to provide an install.bat esp with a Windows build to include any redistributes (such as the VS studio redistributables) or to install any other software/DLLs required.


VC_redist.x64.exe /q

One easy way to experiment is to upload your build to an EC2 Windows Server machine, use Docker etc to get a machine in a ‘raw’ state. Then you can work out what to install (am not familiar with recent Unity so unsure what requirements it has for other DLLs)

Hopefully though someone with recent Unity experience can chime in wrt to their install.bat file

Hey Pip thank you for the response. Since making this topic, I have managed to upload a build successfully, and have it reach a ready state. I did this after adding an install.bat file with the following command:

Geopogo.exe /install /quiet /norestart

After doing this, the build was able to reach a ready state. However when I went to create a fleet from that build, the fleet creation failed while reading the install.bat file. For clarification nothing in the build was changed except adding the install.bat file to the root directory of the local build. I’m unsure where to go from here so any advice would be great.

Go the fleet event tab and you can get the log output from running your install.bat

That hopefully should give you some idea of whats going on.