Unity integration for AWS and console support

Hi, I’ve been directed here from an AWS support conversation. I’m looking for a cloud service for cross-platform development. AWS support in Unity is confirmed for mobile and standalone, but not consoles.

Is it possible to use AWS in Unity games running on the likes of Xbox, Playstation, and Switch? Thanks.

By ‘AWS’ do you have specific services in mind?

Is it possible to call AWS services from Xbox, PS4, Switch etc. Yes

We have customers using Lumberyard today doing this (but obviously this is from C++ components). As long as you set-up your network stack to handle certs correctly you can make restful like calls to AWS services as with any other language.

For Unity support directly, GameLift offers a .dotnet client for its Realtime Servers component which is focused on Unity and obviously there is the Mobile Development team’s SDK from which you can probably find most of the code required for non mobile games.

I suspect you may not get a lot of direct help here (but hopefully I am wrong) for Unity on this forum outside of GameLift support; as this forums focus is mostly on AWS Lumberyard and/or GameLift support.

You might also want to reach out to your local AWS Solutions Architect (depending on the size of your game/company you may already be working with one or have contact details).

Ah, I see I’m posting on a rival engine forum! Kinda like posting on Unreal Engine forums for Unity help. :wink:

I was specifically looking at Database support to enable cloud saves, although all-round integration is useful for future projects.

AWS support for Unity is really sketchy. The AWS support agent was simply Googling stuff I had already found and the SDK hasn’t received contributions on the github for 4 years. It seems Amazon isn’t at all keen on investing in this engine despite it being far and away one of the most popular ways to create games (eg. supposedly 30% of Nintendo Switch games are Unity).

In contrast, PlayFab on Azure is presented very much as for every platform. Unfortunately it is structured a certain way around a certain data model and lacks the openness of AWS and Google’s stuff (which is mobile only).

I’d like to use AWS, but it seems as though PlayFab has to be used as the only organisation supporting consoles with Unity.

I apologise for intruding on Lumberyard. Had no idea what it was until I just looked it up!

To be clear one of Amazon GameLift’s main focus is around Unity. To that end they ship C# client SDKS (for their Realtime server product) and Server SDKS (for their full server product). They have 100s of Unity games running on GameLift today.

When using GameLift, you can use your instance roles to interact with other AWS resources.

There are C# versions of the AWS SDK etc. so you can build what you want.

Where AWS is missing is any out-of-the-box full solutions for GameDevs. You basically need to build and wire everything yourself right now (outside of what GameLift and the AWS Mobile SDK offers)

There are lots of how to do x articles about Unity and AWS ie: http://www.gradientspace.com/tutorials/2018/1/25/using-aws-cognito-user-accounts-with-unity

The GameTech blog tends to have a lot of useful information:


Hopefully some of that is useful.