Unity Realtime GameLift Client not working with IL2CPP build


I can create a connection to my realtime server uses lambda calls when I build a Unity project that uses Mono as its scripting backend, but when I build via IL2CPP, which I need to if I want to build with Universal Windows Platform (VR use), my code no longer works. I can even get this code to work from a UWP platform if I only run it from the Unity Editor. All of that to me suggests it has to do solely with it being an IL2CPP build.

My code:

InvokeResponse invokeResponse = null;
       invokeResponse = await _client.InvokeAsync(_request);
catch (Exception _exception)
      Debug.LogError("INSIDE CATCH: " + invokeResponse?.FunctionError + _exception);
      GetInstance().QForMainThread(AddErrorText, invokeResponse?.FunctionError + _exception.ToString());

The try always fails with IL2CPP with the error:
System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: An error occurred while sending the request —> System.Net.WebException: Error: ConnectFailure (Value does not fall within the expected range.) —> System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.

Full Stack Trace is too large to enter in, so it is attached as a .txt file.
FullStackTrace.txt (588.3 KB)
I do have a link.xml file in my Assets folder and it is set up as follows:

  	<!-- if you are using AWSConfigs.HttpClient.UnityWebRequest option-->

  <assembly fullname="UnityEngine">
  	<type fullname="UnityEngine.Networking.UnityWebRequest" preserve="all" />
  	<type fullname="UnityEngine.Networking.UploadHandlerRaw" preserve="all" />
  	<type fullname="UnityEngine.Networking.UploadHandler" preserve="all" />
  	<type fullname="UnityEngine.Networking.DownloadHandler" preserve="all" />
  	<type fullname="UnityEngine.Networking.DownloadHandlerBuffer" preserve="all" />
  <assembly fullname="mscorlib">
  	<namespace fullname="System.Security.Cryptography" preserve="all"/>

  <assembly fullname="System">
  	<namespace fullname="System.Security.Cryptography" preserve="all"/>

  <assembly fullname="AWSSDK.Core" preserve="all">
  	<namespace fullname="Amazon.Util.Internal.PlatformServices" preserve="all"/>
  <assembly fullname="AWSSDK.CognitoIdentity" preserve="all"/>
  <assembly fullname="AWSSDK.SecurityToken" preserve="all"/>
  <assembly fullname="AWSSDK.Lambda" preserve="all"/>

Any help with this error would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if you need more information to help track down what’s going on.

Any luck with IL2CPP? Our game is freezing when it tries to connect to GameLift on iOS

No, sorry… I never did get this figured out. We just had users test only in the editor window - could never get a build to work. Kinda sucks…

Looking back into the MegaFrogRace AWS demo project today, I figured out it doesn’t freeze because it’s in Unity 2018.4 and ours does in Unity 2019.4
Both iOS IL2CPP builds.
Still trying to figure out the exact cause. I don’t particularly want to roll our project back to 2018.4

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