Unity Server build doesn't run on Dedicated server,Unity Server build won't run on Dedicated server


I am creating a multiplayer game using mirror in unity. I am trying to run the server build on dedicated server using AWS E2 but it gives me these error all the time whenever i try to run the unity build on server. I have attached file for the errors that i get! My project is very basic and has no extra shaders or anything except unity’s in built standard shaders!My project is using Standard Render pipeline!!!

Hi @Davinder_Singh

Could you confirm that you have enabled headless mode? (i.e. “Server Build” in Player Build Settings). From your screenshot, it seems like you are.

Unity has a known bug that deploys shaders/textures on headless mode even though it is not supposed to, see: https://forum.unity.com/threads/headless-build-shader-is-not-supported-on-this-gpu.1046752/#post-7157968

I have also ran into this, and in my experience, this shouldn’t affect servers from running normally, so you can safely ignore these messages