Unity UNet server with secure websockets (wss)

I’m fairly certain I’ve read UNet doesn’t support WSS but only WS connections when acting as a server. (please correct me if that’s wrong) I know it will do WSS via WebGL clients and that part seems to work. Since UNet doesn’t support WSS, I’m trying to setup a reverse proxy with nginx on the gamelif VM.
I made the installation of nginx part of my install.sh script and it does get installed and I have my nginx config pointing to the /local/gamemedata/certificates folder, however, when nginx attempts to start, it fails because the certs aren’t there yet. I’ve been digging around a little and it seems that the cert script runs after the installation script. So it seems that I need to wait around for “some amount of time” to try to start nginx, however, there isn’t really any hook to let me know when the cert is installed.

I’m not sure how to proceed from here, so I’m open to suggestions.