Unknown source of crashes when opening, using the material window?

It sometimes happens when I just try to open a folder in the material window. Sometimes things will run great for a while but then I’ll try to assign a material or create a new one and it crashes again.

Here is a log of the crash when I first try to just open the materials folder:


With an example of my actions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLM0ytOzRGI

Here is the error log: https://hastebin.com/usojedetit.apache

Apparently it got mad at a perforce plugin?

Anyone know what I can check to help me track down what is going on?

Well I cannot even open the starter game or other GEMS content. I gave a try in .16 for a bit but it seems it’s still just too unstable in .19 :frowning:
It seems all the crashes may be related to PerforcePlugin.dll?

So apparently all of my crashes went back to perforce not being configured but enabled. There is no setting for it in the options menus. There is only a tiny tiny button partially hidden by a red x at the bottom default toolbar. I was able to just left click on it and select disable on the context menu and have had no crashes since then.

I would have that off by default and also have it somewhere in the options menu as well. :slight_smile: