Unofficial wishlist trello board

where you can add a feature request, vote for your most desired features and write your opinions.

Then using to the slack community #wishlist channel you can even simply post new requests by ‘/trello add featuretext’ command.

Nice! Thanks for sharing @Gamely — curious to see where the hurdles are for the community, using Lumberyard :slight_smile:

Sorry but I didn’t figure out how to add an item to this trello wishlist (and what is slack community #wishlist channel?), anyway, I just have 1 wishlist for Lumberyard now, I don’t know how to properly express this item but I gonna tell the problem with this item:
-Currently, it’s a nightmare to upgrade Lumberyard, it’s like delete a game engine & install a new game engine.

-The project is huge even for an empty project, it takes me a whole day to create a new empty project. Don’t know what’s going on but I feel like I’m rebuilding the whole Lumberyard when create a new project.

-The engine take so much disk space on my PC, the BinTemp folder is > 45 GB, even though I’m only working on an empty project to test a few things.

-Can’t debug Lumberyard’s standalone game (run the game without editor) with Visual Studio (imagine I had a serious bug & the only way I could figure out the bug was logging method - that would be a nightmare).

-The every project is put inside the Lumberyard’s install directory.

Added few more entries today

@HDN you can find the slack at

I have also added a couple of requests you listed here.