Unreal engine 4.17 Question/rant/error gamelift

Wow first off working on this magically it tells me 4.17 isn’t supported with with this plugin… WOWWWWWWWW all that source code download. Second the update and support for this dead why give me code when I can’t even use the client??? Honestly I’m confused do I Connect and Everythings gravys or do I have to install client side code? The documentation is very unclear .

On top of everything I can’t delete a fleet in activation state woww. It finally reached error and wont delete at all.ahhhhhh

Hey there, I’m sorry to hear that you have had a frustrating GameLift experience. You are right - the GameLift plugin for Unreal Engine does not support 4.17. This is something we are looking at fixing in the very near future and will certainly let you know when it’s available.

In the meantime, something you can try is integrating the GameLift C++ Server SDK directly. The GameLift Unreal plugin is a thin wrapper around the SDK which translates types between the two. You might be able to follow along to see how you could bring the C++ SDK in.

Fleets can be deleted in ACTIVE and ERROR state. It should have gone through on that fleet. We’ll dig in on our end and see what might have gone wrong. The good news is that you are not charged for any instances that might be in that ERRORed Fleet nor do those Fleets count against your Fleet limits - they do clutter up the UI though, sorry about that. We’ll dig in and report back.

Great somebody that answers wow yeah, I copy and pasted the code you guys provided to see whats going on it just straight up crashed. I would of been better off integrating it myself

Hey there -

We think there might be a fix to help get you unblocked using UE4 4.19. Can you check the replies in this thread and see if that helps?