Unreal Engine - Cross compiling Gamelift From Windows to Linux

The default workflow for Unreal is to cross compile Linux server from Windows.

Is it possible to also cross compile Linux GameLift binaries from Windows ?

Hi @iniside, unfortunately we don’t support cross compilation to Linux from Windows. You might have some success using Bash on Windows if you’re using Windows 10.

Good luck!


Just thought I would add some input in case any one stumbled across this post. If you get the Ubuntu Windows Subsystem for Linux, you can cross compile the GameLift Server SDK library binary files just fine. However, make sure that you install Ubuntu version 18.04, not 20.04. Then, the commands from the documentation will work, but make sure that you install the cmake and build-essential packages in the Ubuntu terminal before running the commands to build the library files.

I made a video documenting the process, you can check it out here.