Unreal + Steam + Game Lift (Unreal Dedicated server running on game lift does not register with the steam master server.)


unfortunately I have problems finding my unreal dedicated steam server when it is started via game lift.

We are in the following situation:
Our game has a Dedicated Game Server, which registers with the Steam Master server. The games client finds the sessions and can connect successfully.

If this server is started in a Game Lift Fleet, I can set up a connection via the Game Lift commands, but the server does not register anymore on Steam (or can not be reached via Steam).

In the FAQs I found the following:

Q. Can i use Amazon GameLift with platform services like Xbox Live, Steam and PlayStation Network?

Yes. Some services require communication from the game client to the game server to be encrypted. To assist with establishing this secure channel, Amazon GameLift provides a mechanism to deliver information like encryption keys directly to the game server. Learn more in the Amazon GameLift Developer Guide.

Unfortunately I can not find any more information about Steam in the Amazon GameLift Developer Guide. Can anybody help me? We want Dedicated Server on Demand to start registering with the Steam Master Server.

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I confirmed UE4 steam dedicated server is working on gamelift. You need to make sure your server runs on fleet. Once your game instance is running, you can see the server log.


In my case, steam_appid.txt was missing in exe path.

Thanks for the answer. I think that was the problem.

Are you running your server on Linux? We’re having problems initializing the SteamAPI. It doesn’t seem to successfully call SteamGameServer_Init (OnlineSubsystemSteam.cpp, ln 592). Any ideas what might be the issue? The steam_appid.txt is valid and properly setup, right next to the binary.

It’s window. In my case, I need to run server with proper steam dlls(steamclient64.dll, tier0_s64.dll, vstdlib_s64.dll) which are not included in steam sdk. It’s dI copied it from old steam client. Make sure it on your machine before uploading build.