Upading a package on a fleet is too slow

Hi everyone

I have encountered this case twice for 5 months which uploading a package was too much slow and it took 2 hours to finish uploading it and the internet in my office was good. However, basically it takes 5 minutes. So what is wrong with me ? and What should I do?

Any help is appreciated.

One option is to try and see if uploading to your own S3 bucket is faster. You can always provide a bucket location and role to GameLift.

By using S3 directly you can take advantage of S3’s configs that may help upload speeds:


Do you see this in particular regions? Are these regions close to you? Large binaries across remote regions can be slow at times.

Please provide build ids and regions if you have them for slow uploads and we can investigage.

The region was us-west-2(Oregon). However, I already got rid of the build. So I don’t remember the build id. Anyway I have used GameLift for 5 months and it happened twice. After about 5 hours on June 10, it stopped. So everything is okay. Thank you very much.