[Update] New Lumberyard Forums

In our community-first focus, we’ve received a TON of feedback on Amazon Lumberyard—from new features/workflows requests to trolly comments about how we need to move faster to give you tools that can help support your creative and innovative game ideas (as always, thank you! Couldn’t have done it w/o you). — We’re constructing additional Pylons


Welcome to the new Lumberyard Forums!

The team worked tirelessly to get the new forums up over the weekend and we’re super excited for this new environment to go live today! (We hope you are too!).

Some things to call out for your experience:

Born mobile  :iphone:

  • The site was designed for high resolution touch devices with a built-in mobile layout!
  • Now you can read or post from your laptop, tablet, and phone in your browser of choice.

Conversations, not pages   :trident:

  • Breaking replies/comments into pages can be awkward, especially when you’re constantly having to click on the [Next] button—well… no more of this!
  • With just-in-time-loading feature, conversations flow in as you scroll through the page.

Dynamic Notifications  :bell:

  • When someone quotes, mentions, replies to your post, PMs you… (you get the idea) — all of the above items get pushed to your notification area close to real-time!
  • Also no more refreshing of pages… modified posts load in dynamically as soon as the OP submits changes.

Badges  :beginner:

  • Like most communities, badges are a great way to represent yourself on this digital space. We’ll have a more updated list of our Community specific badges in an upcoming post.
    [Will add link here]

Emojis  :eyes:

  • Uhm… :100: YES!? — It’s fun. It’s great. Be sure to use wisely…suspension/bans are not taken lightly here.

All the GIFS!  :heart_eyes:

  • Pictures are worth a thousand words… but many pictures in a motion format is worth X times more! Expressing your enthusiasm through GIFs is encouraged, however, use of inappropriate imagery is prohibited. Please be careful with your GIF choices… suspension/bans are not taken lightly here.

Tags  :label:

  • Adding tags to your posts will help categorize your content in an orderly fashion. Currently the creation of new tags is strictly staff bound to reduce clutter in the system but should you have a tag request, feel free to let us know! Here’s the current list of tags available for new/existing posts:

Personal Messages (PMs)  :mailbox:

  • You can now send direct message users! This can help create conversations in a more direct/private manner.

  • Should you wish to disable this feature, go to your account Preferences > Notifications and un-check Allow other users to send me personal messages under Messages.

  • Please note that Staff will not be able to receive your DMs. If you have any questions/concerns/bugs, please post as normal on the forums and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

// Cheers!

Amazon Lumberyard Dev Team


This is so good. Finally! I’m so excited to use the new forums!

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I love the new forums :slight_smile:


Great work Lumberyard Team! Huge step forward for LY community. Looks good on mobile too.


Lumberyard Team you are awesome, thx for nice new forum!


Forums are looking good guys :smile:

I am loving the new features and fixes to it!


Usable community forums. Hurray! :smiley:


Welcome to the new Forums! :wave:
And yes—we are too! :heart:

:green_heart: I couldn’t agree more. Love the call out — I’ve pinged the Dev team w/ this note on your behalf :smiley:

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Absolutely love the new LY forums! gj!

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Hi The new forums are nice :slight_smile: I only have a problem logging into here on my mobile iOS safari. I am not sure if its my account issue or do I need to relink with Amazon.

Thanks :smile:

Hey @William-1Nakata — welcome in! Apologies for the troubles. Let me see what’s up with our team :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we’re unable to repro this condition. :frowning:
Are you still running into this issue? :open_mouth:

Hi I am still not able to login on my mobile safari browser. I do not have any content blockers on.

See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrmiRWNSoxo