Update to regex validation for FilterExpression when calling searchGameSessions?

@Pip @Nathan @BrianS-aws

Has there been an update to the GameLift API? Specifically around SearchGameSessions which takes a FilterExpression? We were making calls and our FilterExpression is now no longer valid and errors with:

[InvalidRequestException: 1 validation error detected: Value '
                ' at 'filterExpression' failed to satisfy constraint: Member must satisfy regular expression pattern: .*]

This is likely our fault for the unintended whitespace surrounding the FilterExpression – but, it was previously working. We have a mobile app running in production that relies on this FilterExpression and we have no way of updating previous versions to satisfy the new regular expression.

We’re dead in the water here. Please advise.

We are having the similar problem here! When player try create a game the following error get reported:

LogGameLiftClient: Error: [FGameLiftPlaceGameSessionInQueue::OnPlacedGameSessionComplete] Received FGameLiftPlaceGameSessionInQueue with failed outcome. Error: 1 validation error detected: Value ‘{
“mp”: “lobby”,
“md”: “lobby”,
“mn”: “Lobby”,
“dn”: “Lobby”,
“tp”: “ca”,
“pwd”: “0”
}’ at ‘gameSessionName’ failed to satisfy constraint: Member must satisfy regular expression pattern: .*

Which have didn’t happen yesterday, now for our multiplayer centered game, no one can play online.

We are using c++ sdk 1.6.0

Hi Kip,

If you remove new-lines from your FilterExpression, it should unblock you. We’re working on correcting this behavior as soon as possible.


Hello, any eta on the fix. Otherwise I will start updating our game now.


Yes, we’ve already released an update to address the whitespace problem. Unfortunately, previous versions of our product are non-functional and we still have customers using these older versions. We’d greatly appreciate an ETA on the fix, if possible.

Thanks for your help

The fix should now be out in all regions. Let me know if you are still seeing issues.

Thank you, the fix looks good.