Updated vegetation lesson?

I have been watching the starter guide on the Amazon Game Tech YT and am loving it so far. But in the vegetation lesson it goes over adding a vegetation category in an earlier version of the program and has not been updated (unless 'm not finding it somewhere). Now adding groups of vegetation is pretty easy but I can’t seem to find a guide on adding a category.

Can anyone help?

Edit: I managed to find myself a solution as seen below but I am running into a few more problems like finding the brush size settings and paint objects tool. If there is a guide anywhere on this I would greatly appreciate a link to it so that I won’t have to post question after question. Thanks!

Aaaand I just figured out how to do it.

-Highlight the categories you wish to group.

-Click “change category” under the manage subtab on the left side of the toolbox to give the category a custom name.

It was a pretty easy fix, only I wish I had learned this sooner.