Upload please Rim Light Shader effect file for Lumberyard!

Upload please Rim Light Shader effect file !!!

Shader effect rim light please!!!

Zoom in (real dimensions: 600 x 338)Image

Hi @indie.developer, I’ve filed a request to see if we can get this for you.

Did this yesterday you decide the color and the contrast the dissolved box with holes in the shadows is just another shader modification I did.

As soon as I figure out how to design some additional flags to fine tune what effect it has to interact with I may try to contribute it back even if on the forum is always hard to do.

How additional flags? glowoutline (rim light) shader please!!!

Add a universal common rim light shader even if the material is different for each modeling !!!

Shader effect rim light please !!!

For example,
in all other material’s .glsl ( shader source )

#include “effect_shader.h” <-include effects header files in each and every material shader

// rim light effect


<code>color = function():


Lumberyard Material

HumanSkin shader - head, body

illum shader - item ( weapon, shield, cloth )

body, head, cloth = material is different for each modeling
rim lighting = all support ( body, head, cloth ) please !!!

effect shader - effect header file for all other shader material support ( add please !!! )

Hey @indie.developer, I’ve got a ticket in to see if we can get something for you on this topic. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Purpose of effect shader

Turns the target effect shader on or off during the action event time (attack or defense).


real time toggle target’s effect shader.

rim light color change support please.



The following conditions must be met:

Add generic common effects shader even if the material is different for each modeling!

Hi @Gamely

I had a few questions about your implementation

  1. where exactly you are applying the rim light ?

I currently testing my impl of the RimLight in CommonZpass.cfi file exactly after ApplyVegetationTerrainColor (line 644)

	ApplyVegetationTerrainColor(IN, cAlbedo, cReflectance);
ApplyRimLightColor(IN, cAlbedo, attribs.NormalWorld);
  1. how did you get normals in view space for this ? can you post your code snippets here?

I think now I achieved this effect too, here is Hope with rimlight(face and body), also here tree, sphere and capsule with rimlight effect


probably I’m upload the shader and add link here soon

Hi @fluffy any chance you could share the method you used for this effect? Very interested to know

Hi! you could grab shader from here, or see all changes in commits. https://github.com/lastmoonbeam/lumberyard_custom_shaders


Many thanks for the assist. Appreciate it!